Old Recipes

Old Recipes

Bring your body in good physical shape with paleo recipes

“Old is Gold” is a famous quote. Is the quotation also applicable for [url=http://www.apaleocookbook.com/paleo-recipes.html]paleo recipes[/url]? Before discussing it further let us have a small tour to past. This is said that, in olden times people were very sturdy and strong and their physical presence was astonishing. Broad shoulders, muscular body, strong bones and arresting face color were some common qualities of people of that time.

They were such powerful that their existence was considered not less than a mountain. The question is; what was the secret of such enormous power? How they produced it? How they built and maintained their impressive body structure?

Answer to all the questions asked is “[url=http://www.apaleocookbook.com/paleo-recipes.html]paleo recipes[/url]” or paleo diet; also known as Paleolithic diet which is usually related to Stone Age or caveman diet. These are recipes or diet plans which were used by the people of very Old Time. These ancestral recipes are consist of nuts, fruits, vegetables, meat, fish and roots and prohibit the use of grains, dairy and oil products.

All the recipes are unique in its benefits and all their ingredients have their own distinctive importance and significance. How they help to construct striking body structure is discussed in following paragraphs.

Main elements of paleo recipes are fish, nuts, roots, fruits, raised meat and vegetables. Let us go through each individual element and check what they are capable of.


Fish is helpful for healthy and fresh life because it is the finest source of protein, vitamin B and D and omega 3. Omega 3’s fatty acids are very supportive for maintaining and increasing the metabolism process in human body as well as providing strength to immune system.

Nuts and roots:

These are the source of protein, vitamins and exclusively provide rich minerals which are extremely useful for human body. Described elements give an attractive shape to the body and construct it into charming and good looking figure.

Fruits and vegetables:

Everything which is eatable in its fresh form gives incredible energy as well as enjoyable taste. Fruits and vegetables are extremely rich in providing vitamins and an excellent source of energy for humans too. Vitamin B1 is important for cells for converting carbohydrates into energy and it is found in grapefruit, grapes, orange, guava, pineapple and watermelon in intense quantity. Moreover, vegetables like Brussels sprouts, green pepper, kale and Swiss chard contains excessive amount of vitamin C. This vitamin is most important of all the vitamins. It provides strength to cells and tissues against damages of oxidation.


Meat from cows, chicken and goats are much important for providing protein to human body. They are a unique source of extreme quantity of vitamin B (also known as riboflavin). Vitamin B plays vital role in body growth. Is also provides the source to carbohydrates to release energy from them as well as helps in red cells production and reproduction. Likewise, Pantothenic acid is also found in meat which is necessary for metabolism in human body.

Food and eatables which are prohibited in [url=http://www.apaleocookbook.com/paleo-recipes.html]paleo recipes[/url] are grains, oil and dairy products. Now let us see that why paleo plans disallow these foods.

Dairy and oil products:

If we starts pouring water into a bottle (glass made) without considering its capacity then after a certain time this water flow breaks the bottle. In the same way when we use dairy and oil products without taking into account out body limits then it shows negative results which possibly are not in our favor.

Cow milk is a rich source of calcium and research shows that bones fractures cases are registered more, in those countries where cow’s milk is used in excessive quantity than the countries where milk is used in a normal and body’s acceptable quantity. Likewise, when we eat deep fried things we are caught by cholesterol problem which made our blood thick and create difficulties in blood circulation which leads to heart and lungs problems.

Summing up, [url=http://www.apaleocookbook.com/paleo-recipes.html]paleo recipes[/url] allow us to eat only those foods which supply energy to our body and built it into a gorgeous and attention catching personality, no matter what quantity of these products we utilize. On the other hand it restricts those eatables about which a little carelessness can create troubles for our internal system, body performance and physical appearance.

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